This is an overview of our Flexible MensGroup membership to help you get up to speed.

Who Is Flex For?

Our Flexible men's group memberships is ideal for:

  • Men who aren't sure that they can commit to a regular, recurring Men's Team.
  • Men who want a more flexible structure. 
  • Men who want social time and interactions with different guys more than deep personal and/or emotional work. 
  • Men who are looking to make friends.

What Is Included?

As a Flex MensGroup Member you will have access to two things:

1. The MensGroup Community Hub - The place where you can find all things men's group

2. A Wide-Variety Of Drop In Men's Groups:

  • Drop-in support groups
  • Topic-specific drop-in groups (nice guy syndrome, communication in relationships, breakups & divorces, parenting and a lot more)
  • Social hang outs (conversations, board game nights etc)

How To Access The Men's Groups
Where can you access the list of all of these men's groups? In our community hub.

If you don't have the link to access the community, you can find it in your email. We send it out as soon as a guy like you buys one of our services that includes access. 

And to be more specific, you'll find all of the upcoming available groups In the Events section of our community hub:

Simply go to the events page and search or scroll through the events. Click on an event to see the full details, attendee RSVP and meeting link.

Any meetings that are displayed on the events page are fair game. Tune in to any meetings that look relevant or fun!

If you have any questions or need any support, shoot us a contact message.

We hope to see you in a group soon.

~MensGroup Team