Zoom is the fastest, easiest-to-use video meeting service in the world. You can attend meetings with a FREE Zoom account. It only takes 2 mins to get started.


Previously you could sign onto any Zoom meeting without being logged into a Zoom account.

Zoom recently changed its settings to add more security. Now they force users like you to be signed in to Zoom to attend a meeting.

"This Meeting Is For Authorized Participants Only"

If you trying to log onto a meeting and are seeing an error message like "this meeting is for authorized participants only", this is because you haven't signed into your Zoom account: 

To be clear, you can NOT access a MensGroup meeting on Zoom without being signed into your Zoom account. 

How To Create A FREE Zoom Account

To log onto one of our MensGroup meetings, you must have a Zoom account. It takes 30 seconds to create a free zoom account. 

Create your zoom account at https://zoom.us

How Do I Sign Into My Zoom Account?

There are two ways to sign in to your Zoom account:

  1. From the Zoom app (recommended)
  2. or from the zoom website

How To Get The Zoom App (Recommended)

We recommend that you access your Zoom meetings via the free app from Zoom. You can download this app on your computer, tablet or mobile from the App store OR from https://zoom.us/download

How To Sign Onto A Meeting Without The Zoom App (Zoom Website Sign In - NOT Recommended)

You may not be able to download the Zoom app (recommended). Perhaps at work or on vacation and can't download apps. 

The good news is that you can launch a Zoom meeting through their website. 

The bad news is that the process of signing on through the website can be a little confusing. Primarily that you need to sign into Zoom's on the same internet browser as the one that is trying to launch the Zoom meeting. It won't work otherwise. You'll get the same "this meeting is for authorized participants only" error message. 

An example: Let's say you sign in to https://Zoom.us on Chrome (internet browser - the window that lets you browse the internet) but then your computer's default browser is set to Internet Explorer. Any new link you click will open in Internet Explorer. And you're not logged into the Zoom website on Internet Explorer, you're logged in on your other internet browser, Chrome. So Zoom won't recognize you as being signed in. 

My example: I first ran into this error trying to sign into a Zoom meeting on Chrome, my internet browser of choice. 

I was signed into my Zoom account, but then when I would click the meeting link I was trying to attend:

The zoom meeting would automatically try to launch from Safari (the default internet browser window on Mac computers):

Then I would get the error message:

The error was happening because I was signed into Zoom's website on Chrome, but the meeting was trying to launch on Safari (where I was NOT logged in) because the default browser settings on my computer was for Safari.

So I had to log into Zoom.us on Safari, clicked the meeting link again and the meeting started without issue:


If you can't sign onto your MensGroup meetings with Zoom, please send us a contact message or send your Facilitator or @MensGroup Team account a message on our community hub. We'll get you sorted!

How To Use Zoom IN A Meeting?

If it’s your first time using Zoom video conferencing, or if you want to get the most out of using Zoom, please watch this video:

Some other things to remember for your Zoom meeting

  1. You need to have a solid internet connection. Use a LAN cable if you don’t
  2. Please display your real name on your account.
  3. You must click “join with computer audio” upon opening the Zoom meeting, otherwise, you won’t be able to hear us and we won’t be able to hear you.men's group video meeting zoom join internet audio
  4. Show up with your video on.
  5. Bring headphones to avoid potential echo issues, where feedback can occur from your speakers and the mic on your computer. Your mic can pick up the sounds from the meeting on your computer.