We have found that different men need different things from a men's community and online men's groups.

Accordingly we have created a number of different membership tiers. They are as follows:

1. Men's Teams

Our men's teams are for guys that are looking for a more committed, regular men's group with the same guys who share similar issues, values and goals. Men who are facing medium to long term issues in their lives and men who value from a consistent check in the same supportive crew will benefit most from a men's team. 

Benefits of a men's team:

  • Highest trust - you will get to know the guys very well
  • Knowledge of you - the guys will get to know you over the weeks and months and provide better support
  • Ongoing check ins and support around whatever issues you're facing
  • A nice rhythm to the meetings - every 2 weeks. Routine.

What's included in a men's team: 

  • Group Matchmaking Service
  • Bi-weekly Video Men's Group Meetings With Your Men's Team
  • Unlimited drop in support, topic specific or social groups
  • 24/7, unrestricted access to our community hub (discussion forum)
  • No contract. Leave Any time.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You'll find more info on our Men's Teams here: https://mensgroup.com/groups

2. Flexible Men's Group Membership