Our Core Values

Here is what we believe at MensGroup: our core principles that guide how we build and manage our community:

  • Men's groups are nothing more than a tool to help personal growth and fulfillment

  • Men's groups and other self-improvement therapies - being a tool to achieve progress and growth - are masculine and cool

  • Self-reflection (aka "introspection) is crucial to a man's growth

  • Emotional intelligence will define a man's success and fulfillment in life

  • Humour is healthy. Laughing at our own sh*t can be helpful.

  • Isolation makes everything harder

  • We don't need cheesy exercises, rituals or feeling practices to have a successful men's group. 

  • Deeper values: growth, character, integrity, being in alignment, speaking our truth. 

  • Personal growth is the true hero's-journey.