Most men’s groups out there are a bit of a free-for-all. There is often no format, or sometimes there it too much structure, stifling the flow of conversation.

Here at MensGroup we have refined our format over the last 10 year. It provides enough structure to keep things on track while still feeling quite approachable and casual.

The format of all of our meetings is as follows:

  • Members join on, say hello and engage in friendly banter (5 mins)

  • The facilitator welcomes the group, explains the rules and format (5 mins)

  • The existing members give updates (“highs and lows from the last few weeks”) and new members will give an intro instead (1. our name, 2. where you are and 3. what brought you to MensGroup)

  • At the end of each update / intro the host will ask: is there a particular issue or opportunity that you’d like to get into today? Something you would like feedback on?

  • Some guys will pass, others will bring up an issue to discuss

  • We will then spend the rest of the meeting (1.5 hrs) supporting each other around the topics brought up

  • We end on a positive note with an appreciation round: guys share gratitude.

It’s always the same. Updates/intro and hot topics. Updates and intros. Hot topics. 

We love this format because nobody has to share and it provides support for whoever needs it that week.

The facilitator is there to make sure the meeting is on track and nobody rambles.

Have any other questions?

If not, go grab a spot here and we can get started:

Hope to match you with a great group,