Below you will find the steps you could take when considering to cancelling your membership:

1. If the reason you are cancelling is due to conflict in schedule and it causes you to miss the biweekly meetings, or you are currently in a situation where you can't afford the membership, and we REALLY value you in the community, then this GREAT ALTERNATIVE may interest you...

We have a flexible, much lower-priced "drop in" option. You can attend a number of different drop in groups that happen throughout the week. It’s way more flexible; there for you when you need it but you don’t need to show up consistently. 

AND it’s half the price of our Men’s Teams!

You can find a number of drop in groups happening every week from here: Support groups, topic specific “focus groups” and social hang outs.

You will have full access to our discussion community. You can attend unlimited groups on an as needed basis. All of this is just $19/ mo.

Just send an email to and we are more than happy to switch your membership.

2. If you like to stay in MensGroup but just need to take a breather, then we can PAUSE your membership until you are ready to come back. The monthly recurring charge will be stopped until you join in again.

3. But if you really want to move forward, maybe you found a local group in your area, know that we are happy for you. We are thankful that you've been part of the community, our MensGroup family.

Then please, feel free to send a cancellation request to and use: "OPTION 3: Cancel membership" on the subject line.

Thank you, man! We appreciate you!