Let's call out the elephant in the room here. Most of the guys that come into our community and online men's groups have hesitations. Even the guys who have done a lot of men's work before, still feel nervous and skeptical about coming into a new community.

There is a good chance you are feeling one of these common concerns or hesitations:

  • Skeptical that you'll enjoy it or get value
  • Not sure if it's worth your time
  • Worried that Sean and MensGroup are going to try to sell you stuff
  • That it might not feel right for you
  • I don't want to "go deep" or be forced to share!
  • That the meetings will be full of whiney, struggling guys
  • Wishing you didn't have to be here.
  • Worried about confidentiality and privacy.
  • Unsure if you can offer value.
  • That you and your situation/feelings might be "too much"
  • You are worried that the guys will judge you for your situation.
  • Wishing you could do other things.

If you're feeling anything like this, it's totally cool!

Just know that these kinds of concerns are often a defense mechanism trying to protect you. This is new for you. That is uncomfortable. Men's groups and self-improvement, in general, can feel uncomfortable.

It can be easy to pre-maturely write things off because we are feeling unsure.

All we can say is that we are constantly blown away by the number of guys who say things like "I had really low expectations and a lot of skepticism coming into this, but I really enjoyed it and got a lot from it."

Actors feel antsy before they get in front of the camera. Athletes feel nervous until they get into the game.

Put yourself on the field. Get into the discussions and meetings. Give it a fair shot. Take some action before passing judgment.

You won't regret it,

~ Joe

Joe Roma
Community Manager